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Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate (pronounced YER-bah MAH-tay) is a type of holly plant native to Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Consumed for thousands of years by the native Guaraní tribe of the Paraná, the plant has been revered for its ability to naturally stimulate the mind and body. Mate contains a unique combination of caffeine (in coffee), theophylline (in tea), and theobromine (in chocolate) which is responsible for refreshing your mind, uplifting your mood, and remaining alert without any jitters or crashes. There’s no other herb like yerba mate. 
Packed with Vitamins
Improve Focus
Promote Weight Loss
Enhance Physical Endurance
Kills Cancer Cells
Smooth Source of Energy
Lowers Cholestrol

Help loose belly fat & weight
Yerba mate decreases the total number of fat cells and their capacity to hold fat. Studies have concluded that mate may reduce appetite and boost metabolism, in-turn acting as a catalyst for fat loss.

Provides a smooth increase in energy
Yerba mate provides a gentle, clean and calm energy boost. What’s special about this energy is that, unlike coffee & other stimulants, the energy boost from mate is balanced and free of caffeine jitters.

Build stronger and denser bones
Drinking yerba mate tea improves bone density, even in people who don’t exercise. One study involving postmentrual women showed that who regualary drank yerba mate had around 10% greater bone density than the women who didn’t drink it.

Lowers the risk of heart diseases
Yerba mate contains caffeoyl derivatives and polyphenols that provide the mate its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering properties.


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100% Organic

We do not use artificial flavors or ingredients of any kind. From the yerba mate to the packaging material, everything is organic

Grown to perfection

Our selection of mate comes from small & independent producers in Misiones, the land of Yerba Mate.



Aged longer than regular teas, that improves the flavor & aroma. Aging also makes the Yerba mate less acidic.

Yerba Mate Leaves

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Mate Gourds & Bombillas

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Mate Kits

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I have always bought my mate at the asian super market we have in town because it is the only place I could find this tea. The Anna Park blend is SOOOO much better. It has a very eccentric flavor. I do not like the smoky taste, and this tea is exactly what I was looking for.

—  Pascual, John