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ISO3632 Standard

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Saffron, world’s most expensive spice, is extracted from the purple flower a.k.a crocus sativus. Saffron comprises crocin, safranal and picrocrocin - three compounds which are responsible for imparting golden red color, distinctive aroma and a peculiar taste to saffron.

From the saffron farmlands of Pampore, Kashmir

loose saffron threads
loose saffron threads
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Skin Health

Saffron is rich in antioxidants; it is known to have a calming effect on the skin. Saffron supports clean skin and gives it a natural glow. Many soaps and moisturizers has saffron as its prime ingredient.


Antioxidant Properties

Saffron contains molecules that protect the cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. Crocin, safranal, crocetin and kaempferol are among the antioxidants contained in saffron.

Weight Management

Several experiments conducted on saffron have concluded that saffron may enhance metabolism and may also reduce appetite.

Mood Booster

Saffron is also famously called the "sunshine spice." Research has shown that saffron may improve mood. It may also improve memory and cognitive abilities.

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Our saffron is sourced directly from the farmlands of Pampore, Kashmir in the purest form.

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Grade A1 Certified Saffron​

Our Kashmiri Saffron is tested and certified by globally recognized lab (ISO 3632 standards).

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100% Natural Saffron​

Our handpicked saffron is free from additives, artificial colours and preservatives.

saffron bottle with loose saffron threads
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Unmatched Quality

Every batch of saffron from Kashmir goes through stringent color, strength and quality checks.

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Long Lasting Aroma

Our saffron is packed in vacuum sealed containers to keep it fresh and aromatic.


as low as $0.27/ serving (100 servings)

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Tested for Purity and Potency. Worldwide Shipping. 

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Why is Kashmiri Saffron the best variety?

our customers love saffron!

Very very aromatic. The threads are long and similar to the one my grandmother used to get from my home country. It reminds me of her. Full of color and freshness.

—  Russo, Corey

saffron lab analysis report

saffron lab analysis report

kashmiri saffron facts

  • Kashmiri Mongra Saffron is one of the most potent saffron in the world.

saffron mixed with milk
  • Harvested once every year in small batches limited to 2500kg annually (less than 1% of total worldwide saffron production).

  • ​It has some of the highest levels of Crocin, Safranal and Picrocrocin which gives saffron its rich colour and aroma.

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loose saffron threads

1 gram saffron

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3 grams saffron

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