Unsmoked Yerba Mate VERDEADA , Aged for 24 months - 500g


"Verdeada"  is a premium, soft, delicate, unsmoked yerba. It has been aged for 2 years, which makes this yerba mate unique. Grinding is absolutely harmonious. Equal amount of leaves, twigs and dust. Awesome smell and a superb thick recyclable paper packaging. This brand is great for those who do not want too much bitterness or smokiness hints. Excellent quality, a must try! Taste will slightly vary if you change your mate cup and/or bombilla, it is fun to experiment!

  • 1. Fill gourd with 3/4s yerba mate tea. 
    2. Push yerba mate to one side of the gourd with a spoon on your bombilla, creating a mountain of mate on one side. 
    3. Add room temperature or cold water to this open space (known as the 'waterhole') and allow to sit for 30 seconds. 
    4. Insert your bombilla to the side you poured the water, then begin sipping. 
    5. Proceed with adding hot (not exceeding 165ºF) or cold water and enjoy until the mate becomes tasteless.