Saffron (1g)

Saffron (1g)


Cure With Earth brings to you the best quality kashmiri saffron fertile valleys of the Himalayan Mountains in Pampore, Kashmir. Our saffron is ethically harvested empowering farmers of Pampore. We work directly with the locals. The Saffron we offer is authentic;  havested and dried using methods passed from old generation to new generation.


Saffron is extracted from crocus flower. Each flower only contains three red saffron threads. It takes about 150 crocus flower to produce a gram of saffron. Crocus flower is handpicked and harvested at dawn; Saffron is tested for colour, aroma and taste before being packed for us.


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  • Our saffron is sourced directly from the finest farms of Pampore, Kashmir in the purest form. Handpicked and ethically harvested.