An un-talked problem and its lesser known solutions

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

There are some things which are better left unsaid, however this is a problem which requires our attention now more than ever: Sexual Dysfunction. While many people are hesitant to discuss this topic, sexual dysfunction is more common than you would think. Research suggests that 43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of difficulty.

While sexual dysfunction is more common with increasing age, it a problem faced by men and women of all ages. In a matter of fact, approximately 25 % of new sexual dysfunction are men under the age of 40. Research shows erection problems in young men have more to do with their lifestyle and psychological climate than a physical problem. Younger men were found to use more tobacco, alcohol and drugs than older men. The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that 26 percent of men ages 17 to 40 experience trouble having an erection.

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Common Sexual Problems