Why Kashmiri Mongra Saffron is considered the best variety saffron in the world?

Talking about saffron, it has been used by people for years due to its high medicinal properties and health benefits. However, 'which one to get for you' is the question that we get stuck at. Hence, today we will be talking about one such variety of saffron that is very much famous all over the World, which is – Kashmir Mongra Saffron. In the valleys of Kashmir, saffron has been found in three different forms, and these are Guchi, Lacha, and Mongra. The difference between these types depends on the length of style, which is connected to stigma. Basically, in the case of this plant, the saffron that we consume is the stigma of a saffron flower. Moving on further, let us now learn more about what exactly Mongra saffron is and why it is the best one to use.

Kashmiri Mongra Saffron

Once you detach the style part of a flower completely from the stigma, there are dark red-coloured, silky hair-like stigmas known as the Kashmiri Mongra Saffron. If we put it more simply, then we can explain it as follows. Firstly, the saffron flower is plucked, and then style-stigma is separated from the flower. Next, the stigma is cut from the point at which it is joined with the style. This will then help you extract the thin red-coloured stigma filaments from the flower, the Mongra Saffron. It is usually found in the Pampore region of Kashmir and is very famous worldwide for silky, fine, and smooth dark-red coloured stigmas, which impart a nice aroma.

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