Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis and more!

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

One of the world’s most coveted status symbol is a caterpillar with a fungus growing out of its face. This natural process of development and growth takes place in the extreme cold Himalayan regions of Bhutan and Nepal.

It so happens that during the summer time or may be in early autumn, in these Himalayan plateaus ghost moth caterpillars which live underground keeping warm and feeding on plant roots begin to grow into adult moths. Soon with time and as winter approaches they get infected with a fungus called Ophiocordyceps Sinensis.

Incredible isn’t it! But believe it or not it’s true.

As this fungus enters the body of the caterpillar it starts to grow in threads gradually engulfing the entire body, eating it from inside out. During this process the caterpillar struggles and makes attempts to crawl upwards to the surface until it’s just below the surface of the soil where it dies.

As spring approaches, a long, brown fungal stalk bursts from the caterpillars head. It pops through the soil to send out its spores, which infect other caterpillars and the cycle of life and parasitism continues. Now is the time when the local folks scour the meadows where the fungus grows and begin to harvest these infected corpses, known in local dialect as Yarsagumba. The scientific name of Yarsagumba is Cordyceps Sinensis. It’s also referred to as “winter worm and summer grass”. Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis are in numerous and will be discussed soon.

Now the big question arises why?

Yarsagumba or Cordyceps Sinensis as they are known to us, have been found to contain abundance of valuable medicinal properties which have been well documented in the ancient Tibetan and Chinese medicinal literature. In fact it’s probably the most valuable fungus in the world. It’s used in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine to slow aging, cure cancer and treat various kinds of other diseases of the human organs. It’s been also used as an aphrodisiac. A lot of research is also being carried out to ascertain its other valuable properties and several findings have determined its successful use in curing debilitating diseases like diabetes, kidney dysfunction and liver cirrhosis. Cordyceps Sinensis is a big part of the economy in places where it is harvested, especially the upper Himalayan regions of Tibet and Nepal.

Cordyceps Sinensis Benefits

1. Energy Booster: Cordyceps significantly boosts the energy level by increasing the uptake of oxygen in the body and athletes have been using it to increase their stamina and energy. It provides the necessary boost of energy at the cellular level

2. Cardiovascular Health: The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of this wonder herb have shown to protect the heart and help alleviate cardiovascular complications such as heart failure. Studies have proved that consumption of powdered cordyceps supplement considerably reduces the likelihood of heart failure.

3. Cholesterol Levels: It has been significantly proved that weekly consumption of this herb has a profound effect on the cholesterol levels. By keeping the cholesterol profile in check cordyceps can effectively help in regulating properly the metabolism and endocrine system thereby protecting the organs that are affected by bad cholesterol.

4. Respiratory health: Cordyceps assist in the uptake of oxygen in the blood stream. Increase in intake of oxygen is very beneficial for those suffering from respiratory complications. By increasing the power of lungs to absorb oxygen a plethora of ailments such as bronchitis, asthma and pulmonary complications can be prevented. With adequate oxygenation, the body’s organ systems work more efficiently and optimum health can be maintained.

5. Protection against cancer: Cordyceps Sinensis has been found to reduce and shrink the size of tumors and prevent the spread of cancer. The biochemical compounds found in cordyceps have excellent antioxidant properties which help in eliminating free radicals from the body.

6. Healthy immune system: The immune-protective properties of cordyceps have proved to be very effective in a wide range of ailments starting from common cold to cancer. Cordyceps stimulates the production of natural killer cells (NKC) which are the body’s first line of defense mechanism against infection and illness.

7. Anti-Aging : Cordyceps are a panacea for keeping one look young even in old age. Anti-aging compounds in cordyceps (Yarsagumba) have been found to significantly eliminate dead skin cells and help rejuvenate the skin by removing blemishes, age spots and wrinkles effectively.

8. Sexual health: Cordyceps has been found to be a natural aphrodisiac. It is known to enhance sexual prowess in men. Several research and studies have proved that men who suffered from low sexual energy levels found profound improvement after using cordyceps.

9. Detoxification: Some Studies carried out on the usage of cordyceps have shown to considerably improve liver and kidney functions notably just after only one month of regular usage.

How to select Cordyceps Sinensis? Where to buy from?

One of the hardest thing is to find real and authentic Cordyceps Sinensis. We researched a lot of websites/ retailers and came to a conclusion that Cordyceps Sinensis is being mixed with other supplements and then being sold. This takes away the purity and effectiveness of Cordyceps Sinensis. After extensive traveling to remote parts of Nepal, we were able to find the places where Cordyceps was found and discuss with the locals the benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis.

Our Cordyceps Sinensis (Yarsagumba) is directly shipped from a very small village in the Jumla District of Nepal. We have made sure that the product is 100% organic and free of any additives. We want people to experience the benefits of real Cordyceps. Buy Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis vs. Cordyceps Militaris

Cordyceps Sinensis should not be confused with Cordyceps Militaris. Cordyceps Militaris, approximately 30mm - 60mm high, is found in various parts of Europe, mainly in the fall season.

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