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Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom is a special type of fungus and one of the most valuable mushrooms that is used in East Asian traditional medicine for ages. In the modern era, this mushroom has gained wide popularity in the west, and as a result is being produced in North America using DNA profiling. Cure With Earth is one of the first companies to provide organically (& original) farmed Cordyceps Militaris mushroom in its original form. We don't use DNA profiled mushroom.


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Heart Health

Energy Booster

Strengthen Immunity



Regulate Sugar


Fight Inflammation


Healthy immune system:

The immune-protective properties of Cordyceps have proved to be very effective in a wide range of ailments. Cordyceps stimulates the production of natural killer cells (NKC) which are the body’s first line of defence mechanism against infection and illness.

Boost Athletic Performance:
Cordyceps increases the cells’ ability to utilize oxygen and cellular ATP levels, giving more fuel to burn. Coaches have admitted and credited the record-breaking performance of the Chinese athletes to Cordyceps. Studies show that Cordyceps Cs-4 has positive impact on the exercise performance of healthy older adults.

Promotes Longevity:
Cordyceps are powerful antioxidants, they increase the action of Super-Oxide-Dismutase (SOD), a potent antioxidant in the body. SOD will quench the free radicals and other toxins that can cause premature aging and degenerative diseases.


Improve Sexual Health: 

Cordyceps highly influences the release of testosterone by increasing the blood circulation, thus enhancing erectile function, virility and stamina. It is also known to be effective for women who may be in the menopause or post-menopausal as it enhances the biosynthesis of the steroid hormones cortisol, estrogen.

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Only the fruiting body

Cordyceps mushroom has 2 parts - the top fruiting body and bottom substrate. The fruiting body is more potent and contains the benefits cordyceps is known for. We use top fruitng body only.

100% Natural & Wild

Our Cordyceps are harvested from naturally occurring regions, usually remote. Most of the cordyceps in the market, are synthesized in laboratories using DNA profiling which are nowhere as potent.

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Purity Guaranteed

We do not use any solvent extraction, standardization or adulteration. The way nature is meant to be : Pure & Safe.

Cordyceps (not from extract)

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as low as $2.17/ serving


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Tested for Purity and Potency. Worldwide Shipping. 


I am taking Cordyceps once a day for last 20 days, I noticed a remarkable change in my whole being. Earlier I was feeling very tired was not able to concentrate in spite of taking expensive vitamins tablets. Now I feel more energetic, able to concentrate and I find the change in my mood completely on the positive side. After learning about cordyceps from my yoga instructor, I carried out an exhaustive search for the product, I decided to buy the product supplied by Cure with earth as they were the only that were not selling pills or pill but in the raw form. I recommend the product for its immediate effectiveness and cure

—  Bennett, Regina

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as low as $2.17/ serving


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45g (15g X 3 UNITS)

as low as $1.49/ serving


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30g (15g X 2 UNITS)

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